The Importance of Employment Tests

It is a known fact that the success of an employer and a company as a whole depends largely on the quality and reliability of its employees. This is the reason why employers must invest time and even money in the recruitment and interview process. Doing so would ensure that only the best possible candidate will be considered for a particular job.

When it comes to screening of potential employees, no other tool does it better than employment tests. These tests can measure what is called the KSA – knowledge, skills and abilities of the job candidates. Employment tests in this context are generally written or automated tests, but also include interviews, personality tests, skill tests, psychological tests, performance tests, medical examinations, agility tests, and so on.

A hiring process that is poorly designed is much like a recruitment process based on flipping a coin. Employers are well-aware that the impact of inefficient recruitment decisions can have costly and detrimental outcomes, which may include expensive training costs, decrease in overall productivity, increase in employee replacement, and increase in legal exposure.

Benefits of Efficient Assessments Incorporating assessment tests ensure that your company is making better hiring decisions. It can determine whether or not an employee can meet your criterion for maintaining high productivity. Consequently, pre-employment tests can reduce expensive and time-consuming recruitment steps by straightforwardly narrowing down the choices that will include only candidates who are best fit for the job. Because job fitting is greatly improved, this scenario can also increase the chances of retaining your employees for far longer periods of time. Furthermore, a well-developed pre-employment testing program can present a professional and positive image for your company, and will decrease the risk of hiring complaints.

Although pre-employment tests are basically a tool that protects employers, it can be just as important for them as for the applicant. It would be a shameful waste of time, effort, and even money to prepare for the responsibilities and challenges of a new job, yet find out later on that one is not capable of performing the tasks on hand and is bound for failure.

The benefits of pre-employment testing are endless. However, employers must know that these tests have certain limitations. For one, written tests must only measure skills that are important for the job description that a candidate is applying for. For this, employers must carefully design their pre-employment testing program. Pre-employment tests not properly designed may create an impression of being discriminatory, and this is something employers must avoid at all times.

Designing testing tools take time and experience. If these two are something your company does not have, you can easily find pre-employment testing software packages on the market. These pre-employment tests have been designed by professionals with expertise and experience in the field of recruitment, and thus can efficiently evaluate the general knowledge, office skills, personality, and so on, of a potential job candidate. There are various types of pre-employment test to choose from, and there will surely be one that best fits your needs as an employer.

Clearly, organizations that have a carefully well-developed testing program that best meets their exact needs will have competitive advantage. Employment tests allow employers to make the best hiring decisions and will consequently improve business revenue, productivity, and overall business outcomes.

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Four Types of Marketing For Small Businesses

As a small business owner, you most likely spend quite a large amount of time trying to discern new ways to gain customers. Marketing can be a fun or stressful business. They key is to understand the types of marketing.

Instead of sending your marketing budget in many different directions, you can choose a specific type and be consistent with it. You will quickly see that your marketing budget pays off much more quickly.

Here, you will find information on four of the main types of marketing. This way, you will be able to choose the marketing actions that will work best for your business. You will then be able to point your marketing budget in the right direction.

1. Blanket marketing is a type that is often used by larger business. Blanket marketing means that you spend money advertising to everyone. Many people choose to do blanket marketing by advertising in magazines or newspapers. You will not really have control of who sees your advertising, but you will have the potential to reach many people.

The downside to blanket marketing is that it can be quite expensive, and you could be wasting money marketing to people who may never become your customers at all. Blanket marketing is best for those who have plenty of funds available and who feel that they will be able to gain many customers from the plan.

2. Targeted marketing is a method in which you choose a certain demographic and only market to them. This could mean that you advertise to everyone in a certain area. Alternatively, you could advertise to everyone in a certain age range.

The great thing about targeted marketing is that you will have a much better chance at getting customers since you will be advertising to the types of people who would most likely become customers. The downside is that it will take a little legwork to determine who your target is and then find the right way to advertise to them.

3. Social media marketing could be called the new kid in town since it is relatively a young concept. With this marketing, you use any one of the many popular social media sites to advertise your company. You can also use a daily blog to garner business.

The downside to this type of marketing is that you will be sending your information out to many people who may not be interested at all. With blogs, you will have to take the time to keep the blog up to date. Otherwise, people may stop reading it.

4. The last type of marketing is not marketing at all. There are not upsides to this. It may seem like a way to save money, but when your business fails, you will actually lose a great deal of money. It is extremely important to find marketing funds within your budget.

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Top 10 Jobs For Ex Felons

Getting a job with a felony on your record can be very difficult, as you probably already know. Jobs for felons are difficult to get, and most companies wont hire a felon. The ones that do generally don’t pay very well. I have compiled a list of the top 10 jobs for felons. Helpful tip: if your felony is over 7 years old, most states dont allow background checks to go back that far. If your state has this law, you can answer ‘no’ on an application.

Top 10 List

#10 Job – UPS Delivery Driver

UPS has been known to hire felons. They have moderate salaries and is a stable job to have.

#9 Job – Join the army

The army accepts people with criminal backgrounds, depending on the crime. Contact a recruiter to see if you qualify to join.

#8 Job – Truck driver

Many trucking companies are willing to hire felons. Most likely you will need to obtain a trucking license.

#7 Job – Start your own business

You can start your own business. One idea is to go to school to be a locksmith, and start your own company. Also consider getting a barber license.

#6 Job – Telephone Customer Service

Many companies are willing to hire felons for over the phone customer service, because you aren’t dealing with the people in person.

#5 Job – Temp Agency

Temp agencies can occasionally find good work for you. Many times it will be day labor, so be in good physical shape.

#4 Job – Family business

See if you can work in a family or friend’s business. They will be happy to hire you if you are willing to work hard. They will probably be glad to help you get back on your feet.

#3 Job – Independent Contractor

Many people will still use your services as long as you get the job done. If you work hard, it doesn’t matter that you have a felony on your record.

#2 Job – Privately owned small businesses

Some chain businesses have rules against accepting felons. Small business owners are more likely to accept you. They will take more of a ‘risk’ in hiring employees, and you can be more personal with the business owner.

—> #1 Recommended Job – Online GPT Services

This is the best job for a felon, because it requires no screenings whether it be background checks, drug tests, etc. Everyone is accepted, and you work on your own time and you can work as much or as little as you want. Online ‘GPT’ or “Get-Paid-To” services offer a great way to make a few hundred dollars a month without spending a lot of time working. There are many GPT services available, some better then others. My experience with GPT services has been a great one, and I recommend this as the best job in my list of Top 10 Jobs for Felons.

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How to Make a Follow-Up Call to a Donor After Sending a Fundraising Letter

Follow-up calls to direct mail appeals or some special events can secure additional donations for your organization. But what do you say?

If you are new to the world of fundraising, you might be uncomfortable calling a donor on the phone. Don’t worry – they won’t bite! Most donors are delightful to chat with, especially if they really care about your organization.

Here’s a sample script you can use to make follow up calls after sending a fundraising letter through the mail.

Start with the obvious:

“Hi, this is (your name) and I’m the (your title) at the (your organization). We mailed you a letter a few weeks ago and I’m calling to see if you got it.”

Response could be ‘yes, we got it’, ‘no we didn’t’ or ‘what letter?’ Say something next that reflects the contents of the letter.

“As I mentioned in the letter, we’ve had a dramatic increase in request for our services. We’re asking our supporters to make a gift to help us continue to provide services and meet the increased demand.”

Then, listen.

You may need to tell them how to send a gift (in other words, be ready with the address). Listen for clues that they don’t want to receive any future solicitations, then obviously make a note in your database. Also make a note if they say yes, they’ll send a gift in. Offer to send them a pledge reminder if they need it.

Thank them for their time and for their continued support of your organization.

That’s it!

Once you make a few calls, you’ll get the hang of talking with donors and find a rhythm for yourself on the phone.

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Benefits of Facilities Management

In today’s tough economy, businesses are doing everything they can to be cost-effective. However, they often cut facilities management, thinking it is too expensive. Facilities management is actually a great savings for your company. Here are the benefits of having a top-notch facilities management system.

1. Cost Savings: Buildings and land are usually the second largest expenditure of any business (second only to labor). By effectively implementing sound facilities management practices, a business can save millions annually. These measures include keeping all building systems and equipment up to date and running efficiently, and maintaining security. This will save the company money in the long run by reducing utility costs, eliminating expensive emergency service calls and lawsuits.

2. Customer satisfaction: While many people would not admit it, they are far more likely to visit (and revisit) a company that takes pride in its appearance. By keeping the site well maintained, a company shows that it pays attention to detail and will go the extra mile.

3. Occupant retention: It is far easier to keep an occupant than to find a new one. By paying attention to occupant and visitor concerns about such things as room temperatures, building owners and managers show they want to keep them satisfied.

4. Code compliance: As we all know, today’s society is more litigious than ever and government standards are always changing. An effective facilities management system, by documenting operations, can serve as evidence that your company is striving to provide a safe environment. This documentation can be very important if a lawsuit were to arise.

5. “Green” image: Not only is eco-friendly facilities management important for conserving natural resources and reducing pollution, today it can be a major selling point. While it will likely be the main drawing card for attracting customers, pointing out that your company strives to maintain “green” operations in its building and grounds will impress potential customers.

6. Personnel retention: Everyone is more productive when they work in a safe, comfortable environment. By using effective facilities management, you can control labor costs because your staff will be working at its best. You will be better able to attract and retain the best employees.

7. Safety: No one wants to be in a workplace under constant threats, whether it be from accidents, thefts or violence. Establish and maintain effective and up-to-date facilities management. You’ll sleep better at night knowing your staff, occupants and visitors are as safe as possible. That peace of mind is worth any perceived additional cost.

8. Health-care costs: As you know, businesses lose millions each year in sick time and health care costs. Effective facilities management may prevent sick building syndrome, eye strain, carpal tunnel syndrome, back pain and a host of other ills. This may save health care costs and employee downtime.

9. Resale value: If and when the time comes to sell your facility, you will likely get a far better price if you can show you have well-maintained buildings and grounds. You may also be able to sell quickly because you won’t have to go through a frantic process to “stage” the property – it will already be ready to show.

These nine benefits will show you that, as the saying goes, “Facilities doesn’t cost, it pays.” Invest in your facilities management programs and start reaping the benefits.

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Sororities – Are Rush and Recruitment the Same Thing?

Sorority recruitment for the Panhellenic community on your campus may be called “Recruitment” or “Rush.” The word “rush” was coined in the 1920s when students who were upperclass members of fraternities and sororities would rush the train platforms where new students arrived at college.   In the 1990s, Panhellenic groups began changing the terminology for this process to more closely acknowledge the process at hand: membership recruitment.  

Your campus may call it either recruitment or rush, and you’ll probably hear both terms used interchangeably. It might be easiest if you consider “recruitment” to be the formal name and “rush” to be the informal name.

Rush is used both as a noun and a verb. In the noun form, a woman can go through the sorority recruitment process called “rush.” As a verb, “rush” means to participate in sorority recruitment. A woman can “rush” a certain chapter, or a sorority sister can “rush” a potential member. This does not mean that one person hurries another along. It means the sorority sister and prospective member are in the process of determining if they are a good match.

If you are planning to participate in sorority recruitment on your campus, you are in good company. No matter the size of the Greek community on your campus, there are thousands of women in the same position as you right now. About 80,000 women join National Panhellenic Conference (NPC) sororities across North America each year.  There are 2,937 collegiate sorority chapters on 650 campuses across the US and Canada. 

Despite an economic recession, the number of women joining sororities has not decreased.  College and university campuses across North America are continuing to see a rising interest in sorority communities.

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Java for a Great Career

About JAVA

Java is an object-oriented computer programming language released by Sun Microsystems IN 1995. Mobile phones to scientific supercomputers, most of the devices employ the usage of Java applications. Java programming derives most of its syntax from C and C++. It is one of the fastest, simplest and reliable platforms as it is one of the most widely used programming languages due to its simplified coding and dynamic functioning.

Variety of certification courses are available for various IT professionals who aspire to gain expertise in Java development and programming. Java programming has 50 JVM languages. A complete java training program incorporates practical knowledge and hands-on experience of object-oriented concepts. Apart from this, there are many other topics covered in the course. The course would ask for some prerequisites in the trainee i.e. for instance, as a learner one is expected to have worked on a programming language (C/C++); basic concepts of HTML, database, and SQL syntax etc. The salary and perks offered to a Java developer is an added advantage which in turn add to brighter career scenarios.

How does Java work?

A Java application is compiled to Java bytecode which is the instruction set for Java Virtual Machine (JVM).

Java compiler does not translate Java codes directly to machine code instead it first translates the Java program to BYTECODE which is essentially an object file for a virtual machine that uses the extension.class This byte-code is created for a virtual platform known as the Java Virtual Machine or JVM.

The bytecode verifier in the JVM then checks the bytecode after which the JVM converts the bytecode to a machine-friendly code. To be more specific it is the Just In Time (JIT) compiler of the JVM which is responsible for this conversion. It also keeps the track of the frequently repeated byte-codes so as not to repeat the compilation of same codes again and again.

This is how Java functions. As the JVM converts the bytecode to a machine specific code, therefore we have different JVMs for different Java platforms because JVMs are not platform independent, the platform independence that Java shows is a layer of abstraction, under which dependence on the platform actually exists.

Some advantages of JAVA:

It is an open source programming language, so does not require heavy license fees each year.

It is Platform independent.

Java API’s can easily be accessed by the Java developers.

Java always allocates the objects on the stack.

Java embraces the concept of exception and specifications.

Incorporated with multi-platform support language as well as web-services support.

Promotes the development of dynamic web applications.

Java programming allows the creation of modular programs and reusable codes.

Enables secure and high-performance software development.

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Does Riding a Bike After Hockey Help ‘Flush’ Lactic Acid?

There is a generally accepted practice of flush rides following a hockey game. Flush rides are a 10 minute light pedal that is intended to improve recovery. Some hockey coaches and players will tell you that riding the bike after hockey helps get rid of lactic acid, but that is not the case since lactic acid dissociates very quickly in the muscle; it does not linger. Although they may be using the wrong term, anyone who has played hockey can appreciate the feeling they are describing, that heavy, fatigued feeling that may lead to sore and tight legs the next day.

Although riding the bike after hockey does nothing for the lactic acid concentration in the muscle, it will increase the blood flow to the legs. Anytime a muscle is exercised, more blood is sent to that area to both provide oxygen and remove waste products. This increased blood flow may help the legs recover from the hockey game by supplying the building blocks (proteins) necessary to repair and rebuild the muscle, by facilitating the removal of any damaged tissue and by replenishing the energy stores (carbohydrates) to the muscle.

Should all players be riding the bike after hockey? I am not 100% sure. If you feel it is beneficial then go for it. As long as you keep the intensity down, it will not hurt you. Remember there is a difference between a flush ride and a conditioning ride. If you only play seven minutes in a game, then you should probably be doing a conditioning ride and working up a bit of a sweat, but if you get some good ice time and truly need a flush ride, then you should keep light resistance on the bike and pedal at a nice steady tempo of approximately 80-100 rpms. Your legs should feel light as they spin along. If your legs are fatiguing or burning as you go through your ride, then you need to lighten the resistance. Remember, the goal is to assist recovery, not tax your legs more.

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Moto G3: Great Phone, Shame About That Back

Motorola has just revved its lineup of smartphones for the third time in as many years. A lot has happened in the past year for Motorola. The company has gone from being one of the biggest names in mobile phones to being owned by Google and has now been sold to Chinese computer maker, Lenovo. The phones don’t seemed to have suffered though and the Moto G3 is a great update to probably the best selling product from Motorola in recent years. Lenovo has a record of buying great brands and not tampering with them. They have done nothing to hurt the IBM personal computing brand since acquiring it a few years ago and their ownership of Motorola has not hindered the phone maker from improving its smartphone lineup for 2015.

With the Moto G3, Motorola has once again kept what worked and made changes necessary to quell critics and bring the phone up to date for 2015. All this while maintaining the midrange price point that as made the Moto G a best seller around the world. In some countries you can even get Moto G3 cases as well as the metallic strip on the rear pf the phone, in a range of colours, at no extra cost. In the rest of the world though, white and black are your only choice and you will have to go with aftermarket Moto G3 cases if you want a little customisation.

If you get one of these aftermarket G3 cases you will have a phone that is very well protected not only from bumps, drops and scratches, thanks to the Gorilla Glass on the front of the phone, you will also have a waterproof phone. One of the big new feature additions to the Moto G for 2015 is the IPX7 rating. This means that the G3 can withstand immersions in water up to a foot deep for up to half an hour, without biting the dust. While all Motorola phones have always had great splash resistance thanks to a nano coating that the company applies to the internals of the devices, the IPX7 rating means that you can get pushed into a pool with the phone in your pocket or drop it into a basin and still have a phone that works.

Water resistance and coloured Moto G3 cases aren’t all that’s new for 2015 though. The new version of the G also gets much better cameras, both at the front and the back. The front shooter gets upgraded to 5 Megapixels and the rear camera goes all the way to 13 Megapixels this time around. This gives both cameras the ability to shoot full 1080p video, another first for the G. The G3 also gets a much better dual tone flash at the rear which should make for much nicer photos in the dark. These updates along with slightly beefed up internals and an almost stock version of Android Lollipop should mean that the Moto G remains one of the best sellers, not only in its price bracket but across all Android phones.

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Jobs For Retirees – Finding The Perfect Retirement Job

Working After Retirement

Now I'm living the dream and while I enjoy the freedom of not having to work, working is still a part of my life. Work still provides some positive things that I need and I don't know how to turn off the work ethic that took a lifetime to develop.

The big difference is that now, I'm not committed to 40 hours a week, every week. Most of the retired people I know are still working in some capacity. It's just something we do.

But the question most people ask me when they begin thinking about retirement is "Why work after you retire?" . An old friend of mine had one of the best answers. He said "You can sit on the porch for only so long." He was 80 when he took his last part-time job.

The question I always ask is "What do you want to do after you retire?" and there may be several answers to that question. The decision will generally be based on how financially secure you are going to be after you retire. For some of us, working, even part-time, will be a reality. How many seniors do you see working in restaurants and department stores?

So, what is the perfect retirement job for you?

The Perfect Part-Time Job

The perfect retirement job might be the one you have now. Except on your own terms. I know several people who retired and agreed to come back to work on a part-time basis for their former employer. They get to use their vast store of knowledge, work shorter hours with people they already know and get paid pretty well for it. A win-win situation if you can get it. The place to start is to find out if your company already uses part-time employees or make an offer to your company to provide valuable services after you retire.

If you have technical experience, you might explore consulting as a part-time job. My consulting work started shortly after I retired in 2009 with a phone call from a company asking if I could help them out with a short term project doing exactly what I did before I retired. I've been working four to six months a year ever since.

There are several other possibilities for part-time work that you could consider;

Do you like to drive and travel? Recreational vehicle dealers in your area might have a need for someone to transport motor homes from one dealership to another. Check with your local RV dealers and offer your services as a driver. Some might require a class C driver's license, but the rewards of being paid to travel to different parts of the country in a luxury motor home might be worth the effort.

I know a retired guy who used to drive cars between auto dealerships in his city and another who delivered cars for Enterprise car rental. This type of work is a little more difficult to get into because auto dealers usually have someone on staff deliver cars. It doesn't hurt to ask and it might result in a unique part-time job.

Uber, the ride sharing service that was started on the internet a couple of years ago offers opportunities to generate some additional cash. I don't know what the pricing structure is, but it should be easy to sign up for and generate some extra cash. Another big benefit for a retiree, you get to work when you want to and on your terms.

When most people think about a part-time job, the first thing that comes to mind is a low paying structured job where you report to a place at a certain time, put in some hours and get paid. This works and has been the norm since forever. But, the real key to finding unusual ways to earn extra cash is to look around, watch the news and see what is happening in the world today.

If you see something unusual that interests you, check it out. It might just be the perfect part-time job.

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